Abaco Bahamas Vacation Rental & Executive Retreat

Years Ago

Years ago, when Gaylord Layton needed to develop computer systems for his company, he brought his core team to Tilloo Cay. Far away from the everyday distractions of the business world, they were able to focus and collaborate like never before. He discovered the group was noticeably more creative, energetic and productive – achieving more in just a few days than they normally would have in weeks or months back at the office. The group also experienced team building and improved communications.

That was the inspiration behind Tilloo Pond, which in 2004, Gaylord ultimately built. With 20 years of experience using the island as a corporate think tank, Gaylord tore down the old house and built the new Tilloo Pond Grand Estate.


The property was purchased by Joel and Aimee Lederhause. Joel Lederhause was a career Firefighter and EMT for the city of West Bend, WI since 1995. In 2000 Joel founded a small internet retail company while still working his day job for the city. The internet retail company ultimately grew quite successful and Joel was able to leave his Firefighting career in 2006. In 2013 Joel was able to sell that company to a private equity firm and was thinking about what was next.

Joel had always dreamed of running a small boutique resort in the Bahamas where he has spent so much of his leisure time. Since the Lederhause’s have purchased the property, they have focused on many upgrades and renovations to the property, as well as enjoying the local Bahamian activities and culture. In 2017 the improvements and renovations to the property will be complete and they will re-launch as Tilloo Pond Retreat. The new Tilloo Pond will offer many more guided tours and included activities as Joel brings his vision of how the next phase of the Tilloo Story should unfold.


Tilloo Pond Retreat drone flyover in July 2018