Abaco Bahamas Vacation Rental & Executive Retreat


Thank you for your interest in contacting Tilloo Pond Retreat. Working & living on the more remote islands in Abaco, like Tilloo Cay. offers some communication difficulty while on the island. Below you will see two phone numbers, a US # & a local Bahamian #. When calling our US #, keep in mind that we are unable to answer this line while in the Bahamas due to this phone being on a US carrier network.
If you call our US # & receive our voicemail, this most likely means we are in the Abacos or on Tilloo Cay. Please leave a message with your name, phone #, & the best time to call & we will return your call as soon as it is possible to the USA or Europe. 
Email TillooPond.com@gmail.com or a text to our US phone number below is always the quickest way to receive a response from us since we receive those inquiries immediately. If you prefer to try us by phone, please accept our apology if our response is slightly delayed returning your phone call, rest assured we have received your message & will reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Contact By Email


Email is always the quckest & most reliable way to contact us while on Tilloo Cay

Contact By Phone

USA Mobile # 262-674-7267
Abaco Bahamas Local # 242-577-4707

(We cannot answer our US # while in the Bahamas, please leave a voicemail message for a prompt reply)

Text us your # for a call back


(We receive texts to this US phone # in both the USA & Bahamas)